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Discover Excellence in Academics

Our education is centred on providing the best of quality education and a unique learning experience for every child. We have put in place the right facilities and resources for developing and shaping the knowledge and developing the necessary skills required for a successful future. From the primary level to the higher secondary, we are committed to taking your child throughout the whole journey of education. 

Discover Excellence In Innovation

We lay the ideal platform for developing solutions through innovation and research. We are committed towards equipping every child with the relevant practical skill to shape their knowledge. 

  • Providing Facilities and Technology Support
  • Government Grants and Funding Support
  • Innovation Project Exhibition
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Grooming
  • Skill Experts in Technology and Innovation

Enriching Innovative Workshops

Providing platforms for students to innovate.


335 Lacs Government Funding Assistance

For Developing A Start-up Incubation Centre


Atal Innovation Centre

Providing the best facilities and resources for innovation.


Discover Excellence in Global Learning

Creating endless platforms for students to gain a global exposure through exchange programs and trips to various countries across the world. We are committed towards providing every student with a platform where they can learn from diverse cultures and global systems

  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Exposure to Global Technology
  • Promoting Student Networking 
  • Create Fun Memories 

Discover Excellence in Cultural Exposure

Our educational experience has been designed in such a way that provides every student with the best exposure exposure to culture.

  • Cultural Day Celebrations 
  • A Unique Student Diversity 
  • Community Programs for Culture Sharing
  • Student Clubs for Cultural Exposure

An Exposure to Festivities


Cultural Diversities


Platforms for Student Expression

We Are Excellence

Our Enriching Awards and Recognitions.


Accredited By British Council

In recognition of excellence in delivering standards of academic quality


Ranked Among the Top Schools of the Year 2021(Gujarat)

For Quality Academics and Leading Architecture.


Award for the Best Innovation In Curriculum

At the 20th World Education Summit 2021 by ELETS.

What Our Student Say

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