History and Foundation of AVV

The Bal Shikshan Samiti Trust, Harinagar, Gotri Road, Vadodara is a pioneer in the field of education and has been running Anand Balwadi, a preschool, since 1961.
Anand Vidya Vihar has been serving as a firm frontier in education since its establishment in the year 2000. It is a progressive school, where learning is facilitated through co-curricular activities and field trips by a team of qualified and dedicated teachers. We firmly believe that education is an endless journey and not a destination. It is a journey that is filled with discoveries, learnings, techniques, innovations, and lessons learned & developed each day. Bal Shikshan Samiti Trust has been paving the path of education with a standing record of decades in education and a team of competent teachers and educators.

Our Education System

Our vision is that of a schooling system of value, liberated from segregation, giving a protected and peaceful learning climate, in which the freedoms of all are regarded. It fosters kids' and grown-up's character, gifts, and mental and actual capacities to their fullest potential all the while urging them to finish their instructive projects. It advances proper governance, regard for common freedoms, and civil rights in a learning climate that perceives everybody's learning and social requirements. It empowers understudies to foster suitable abilities, fearlessness, and decisive remembering to assist them with becoming capable residents and work on their employability. It passes on general and nearby social qualities while outfitting understudies with the resources to settle on their own choices.


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