It is a known fact that every child is different and brings a unique set of skills to the table that isn't possessed by anyone else. Therefore, it isn't practically possible for exams and assignments to serve justice when it comes to recognising the talent of students. They are not the only measure to assess brilliance, extraordinary abilities, innate talent, and fortes in the youth. Events like annual days, funfairs, sports meets, cultural fests, celebrations of important days and festivities, morning assemblies, house events, club activities, etc help us identify the unique talents of all our students from various grade levels across the school.


Annual Day Celebrations

Annual day celebrations are the most vibrant and versatile events that take place on our campus in terms of their themes, costumes, performances, and the way they take place in general. The school goes through an exciting couple of weeks before the main event where there are auditions, rehearsals, choreography, costume fittings, and decorating arrangements all done in the perfect rhythm set by the students and the teachers to make the event a massive success. All students are given a fair chance to audition and then ultimately qualify for the part that they are aiming for. Our stage remains equal for all.

Sports Meet Celebrations

Sports and leisure activities are a vital part of our learning curriculum as no education is complete without the awareness and involvement of physical education and sports in it. We organise numerous sports-related activities throughout the year but the most significant of all is the sports day. It is a one / two-day event comprising of races, field sports, track sports, etc. The houses are heavily involved in the event as the house with the maximum number of winners is declared the house of the year and also wins the house trophy. Sports day selections take place a few days prior to the main event.


House Activities

House activities refer to the competitions, quizzes, and other activities conducted within the student populace of each house. This gives students the opportunity to interact, grow and share knowledge amongst themselves. It also breaks the ice between the juniors and seniors as everyone is equal during house assemblies. Everyone's opinions during these meetings hold the same value. The house assemblies also pose as an opportunity for students to interact with their house teachers and provide feedback, queries, and doubts related to the various happenings and decisions taken by the school.

Club Activities

Club activities are a series of activities that focus on inculcating life skills, work education, skill fostering, and practical training in students. All students are divided into the clubs of their choice, depending upon their interest and personal liking towards a particular field, cause or subject.


Morning Assemblies

Morning assemblies are everyday faculty and student body gatherings that take place on the school ground to pray, discuss news and current affairs, convey important announcements related to school and the world in general. Student and Staff achievements are also announced during these morning sessions. Students often work together in groups to give performances related to social awareness and causes during the morning assemblies.


Christmas Day 2021

The latest christmas event celebrated on campus was a spectacle to watch. Our dear students performed carols and skit based on Christmas festivities. This was followed by a dance performance from our faculty body and a speech on Santa by our principal ma'am Ms. Poornima Menon.

Children's Day 2021

Children's Day was submitted with full vigour and enthusiasm by the teachers and students alike. It consisted of games, quizzes, performances, assembly celebrations, and a lot more. All the classes from grade 1-12 were actively involved in the joyous event.

Janmasthami 2021

Janmasthami is celebrated at our school with loads of excitement, anticipation and participation from students of various academic sections. Recently, on the auspicious occasion of Janmasthami are students engaged in various activities ranging from Matki decoration, Aarti, Roleplay on Lord Krishna, Dahi Handi stint, Monolougue by Class 7, and much more.

Teachers Day 2021

Teachers Day at AVV is organised by the students of higher secondary division in order to show their gratitude towards their dear teachers. On last Teachers Day, the students engaged in a variety of performances based on dance, drama, singing, humour (especially anecdotal comedy) etc. Cake cutting ceremony and felicitating the teachers were followed shortly after.

Independence Day 2021

The Independence Day celebrations comprise of the entire student body coming together to perform dances and songs on patriotic elements of the nation. Flag hoisting and speech by the principal follow suit.

Ratri After Navratri 2021

Ratri after Navratri is celebrated on our campus ground post the nine nights of Navratri festival. It is open for the student body chaperoned by the faculty members. A lot of Gujarati cultural folk song and dance performances take place on this eve with delicious appetizers.

Valedictory 2021

A valedictory function for class 12 students was organised by the management and higher authorities. This event witnessed some emotional as well as some enlightening moments being shared between the students and the school teachers. Parents, guardians, and chief guests were also in attendance.

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