Building the Blocks of Knowledge: Class 6-8


Developing Innovation


Shaping Personalities


Enhancing Creativity

What We Offer:

The middle school deals with the mentoring of the preteens and the teens. Apart from academics, students are provided with the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities to develop a sense of organization in them. We work on developing time management skills explicitly by helping them organize assignments, make a daily to-do list, ensure that they learn to prioritize tasks, plan for the exams, inculcate a habit to take notes and discipline the students' code of conduct. Communication is a two-way street. The way a teacher talks, makes eye contact, avoids multi tasking while talking and listens to your child; influences how a student responds.

 The right exposure is essential to develop smarter students. After all, every child is unique and it's our duty to help a child eventually evolve into a person with a commendable character.

Areas of Emphasis

Ace The Basics

Middle school education is primarily about learning to ace or master the basic concepts that one has already learnt in primary school. Our middle school curriculum brushes and sharpens the knowledge bits derived from previous years of schooling while making it easier to understand theories and apply them in life.

Being Practically Sound

Middle schoolers are the most active out of all school students. We turn this energy and enthusiasm of students to explore new things as a way to inculcate life skills and work education training in their course. It not only helps them learn the real way to deal with situations, problems, and obstacles but also how to move past them with grace.

Mentoring From The Finest

Since these are the make it or break it years of a student’s life, we pay extra attention to the knowledge sharing methods that we use in order to educate our students to do better in life. The expert teaching faculty is trained in childcare, behavioural patterns, soft skills, etc to provide a better learning environment that makes students comfortable.

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