To create happy, active, responsible global citizens endowed with 21st century skills through quality education for effective contribution towards sustainable development of the society.


We aim to provide a very stimulating and positive environment to the students where even a marginal performer's output escalates.

We aim to provide a very passionate, caring, loving, wholesome and happy environment to our students pertinent to their mental, physical, emotional and social development to help them blossom into creative and resourceful individuals.

We aim to ensure that every action within the school campus serves some educational purpose based on foundations of integrity, honesty, perseverance, high moral character, responsibility, reliability, intelligence, diligence, regards for elders and adjustments, forgiveness, commitment, humility, critical thinking and excellent communication skill.

We aim to apprise students towards their responsible role in the society and the world, their rights and duties, social ethics and moral values, civic sense, humanity, environmentalism, globalisation and why and how to keep pace with changing trends of international standards. We aim to sensitize them towards social evils, degrading morality in today's scenario and social grief and deprivation.

We aim to provide a very congenial environment to staff which caters to their mental refreshment, renders perennial learning and creativity while teaching.

We aim to make no social discrimination between students from varied backgrounds because we believe it is possible to cultivate and nurture skills and latent potentialities in every child irrespective of social background, by the prime movers of social change i.e. teachers.

We aim to emphasise greatly on thinking, planning and preparing before executing, right from morning assembly till dispersal.

We aim to inculcate in every team member the need to strive for perfection in order to excel.

We take pride in the fact that we are a diaspora of people from different regions of the country and a healthy equation among all is ensured. Bullying each other on the basis of caste, skin colour, food or weight is hence, completely discouraged.

Our Philosophy - What We Stand For

Primarily we believe in providing a stress-free environment.

Focus is on making concepts clear, so that once a child has understood or is able to comprehend, learning begins.

Our intention is to make them as independent as possible, where minimum spoon-feeding is done. We encourage them to answer in their own words rather than cramming answers. This is possible when verbal development has taken place to a certain degree in class.

We believe in the touch, feel, see approach, observe, absorb and then elaborate or express. Stress is laid on enhancing visual skills along with verbal and auditory skills.

We encourage them to ask questions and hone their curiosity.

Initially we are a little slow with the children. We try our level best to understand each child and our intention is to bring out the best in them.

We do not believe in the conventional methods of recapitulation and adopt different ways to make the students recall whatever they are supposed to.

We encourage students to independently develop their own learning strategies after they are in a position to arrange their thoughts systematically.

We retain the students' note books and text books for junior classes in school so that they needn't carry a bagful to school everyday.

We give minimal home assignments to students as we do not want to see them burdened. So a lot of effort goes into thinking of different ways of giving them work that they enjoy and is meaningful.

Every morning the children are exposed to soothing and serene music after which they do a brief spell of meditation. The aim is to break the home mode and prepare them for the day.

Eventually it will act positively in grooming them. However, this cannot be achieved by the school alone. It is necessary for the parents to play a major role in helping them grow in the right direction.

Physical development is given due importance in the daily curriculum as is dance, music, art and aesthetics. All these are extremely essential for the all round development of a child.

After the children have settled in, we are very strict about discipline and do not give any leeway.

So in a nut shell we believe in providing an invigorating environment where the children grow at their own pace how so ever fast or slow it may be, initially. Then we try to tap individual talents and potentials

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