Student Clubs

Learning is only real when the proper balance between academic and co-curricular activities is established in the course structure of the school curriculum for students of various grade levels. Student clubs are an innovative way of letting students take a break from everyday studies to learn something new. Club Activities help students by focusing on activities that promote creative and cognitive growth, giving rise to individuals that are innovative and practical in nature.

Tagore Club :

Language as a tool equips an individual in communication skills, and articulates one’s views and opinions in order to make an impact, thus helping one to develop one’s niche. Young litterateurs of AW bring new life to language through this club.
The aim of the club is to help students develop effective communication and expression skills in the form of speaking, reasoning, writing, and listening. In the course of the club activities that place here, students gain knowledge regarding the creative and literary arts which helps improve their creativity and a general understanding of the culture, arts, and entertainment throughout the country and later the world.

Dharohar Club :

India, a land of vast heritage, needs its future; to know and understand her well, to feel proud of her so that when; they expand their wings, they are equipped with self-pride and identity. Nation lovers and patriots at AW work relentlessly under the club activities.
Dharohar Club’s main focus is to prepare the global citizens of the world that have deep roots in their own culture. Students learn what to adapt from what culture without compromising or foregoing their own values and customs. It is the amalgamation of the best value, traditions and customs that mother nature has to offer.

Kailash Sathyarthi Club :

Empathy and sensitivity towards social causes are humanitarian qualities that can be developed on interacting with people from all walks of life, by reaching out to the community when and where they need help is the agenda that runs this club.
The young activists and Samaritans of AW are at work here to bring forth the much-needed change in our society and the world in general by just doing their bit of giving back to the community by volunteering, fundraising, creating awareness, demanding justice, and providing monetary support to the less fortunate. We are raising students that are aware of the privilege that they possess and how can they can use it to make the world a better place.

Kaleidoscope Club :

The fast change in the winds of time, courtesy, technological development, is tough to keep pace with unless one is trained from very young to cultivate a technological bent of mind laced with creativity and a roving eye to capture aesthetics on Nell. In order to give a vent to the budding technocrats and movie makers at AW, this club was established with the intention of providing them with a medium to pour out their innovative ideas, craftsmanship, and extra ordinary vision into projects that helps them find their career path.

Einstein Club :

Mathematics and the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), are the keys which had revolutionised entire generations and will continue to do so. All development from the ancient to the present and from the present to the future has been and will be due to the scientific temper of a few enriched people. In order to enrich and innovate, young scientists at AW are given a platform in the form of the Einstein Club to further their goals in the world of Sciences and Mathematics.

Expressions Club (Performing Arts) :

Expressions Club is established with the idea to discover the talented individuals in fine arts and performing arts in order to bring their talent to the fore. It is formed to hone and nurture the aesthetic sense of an individual and develop their artistic, imaginative, and creative skills.

Dhyanchand Club (Sports) :

The Dhyanchand club is formed with the vision to instill sportsman spirit, leadership quality, discipline, team spirit and transform the youth into a robust personality. This club focuses on helping, guiding and training students to realise their sports/ athletic dreams. Sports and play areas are provided to the students to utilise during their club or sports periods.

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