Our Facilities: A walk-through

Safe Environment

The campus is under the watch of 24x7x365 security cameras and guards so parents can be worry-free while students are at school.

Interactive Learning

Smart classrooms, colourful stories & picture books, digital activities, recitations, demonstrations, etc are a few methods that we use to evolve the thinking and strengthen the minds of prep students.

Motor Skills Training

Activities such as colouring, writing, clay modeling, playing, building blocks, solving puzzles, running, jumping, dancing, singing, etc go a long way in developing the basic as well as advanced motor skills in a student. These are the activities that go on to become their areas of interest in the future.

Arts Education

The world is a big piece of art, it runs and thrives on it. Thus, making it essential for our school to inculcate the arts as a part of the course structure and also as a co-curricular activity. Mixing colours, drawing, doodling, scribbling, etc help students unleash their creative side and give wings to their expression.

Music & Performing Arts

Another form of expression amongst students is singing, dancing, enacting, and playing instruments. This improves their understanding of the finer things in life. It acts as a way to break from academic routine and learn something new while discovering the creative talent of children.

Fun & Learning Trips

The real ways of the world are always learnt outdoors in nature. Since children learn from mother nature, we take them on field trips for either educational or recreational purposes. The trips are usually full of fun, excitement & learning opportunities.

Supporting the Learning Of Your Child (Std 3-5)

Education is an active constructive process for life, we just tend to help you initiate it.


Innovative Learning Techniques


Creativity Boosting Activities


Enhancing Grasping Power

What We Offer:

nand Vidya Vihar believes in providing friendly environment to make each and every child feel special and comfortable by giving individual attention during the initial years of learning. We try to give children an opportunity, not only to query but a chance to express their views, suggestions, wishes and hopes. Our prime concern is to work in the direction of holistic development of a student's personality - physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions. The atmosphere here inspires the students and helps them to grow to their full potential by recognising their strengths and weaknesses.

Subjects ranging from Mathematics, Environment Science, Languages (English & Hindi), Social Science, etc are introduced to the students as a part of the academic curriculum. Co-curricular subjects like Arts & Crafts, Music, Drama, Sports are also scheduled in the timetable to provide much-needed leisure time to the students.

Areas of Emphasis

Organised Learning Schedule

The best way to make young primary school students acquainted with the entire idea of learning is to fix an organised schedule for them. This involves a curricular timetable of various academic as well as extra-curricular subjects that shall form the daily routine of a regular school day for students. It ensures a climate with healthy and smooth functioning day-to-day activities in the classroom.

Striking Perfect Balance

Another important principle of student life that needs to be addressed and introduced to the primary school goers is the significance of having a balanced academic life which includes equal time allotment to studies, recreational activities, learning new things, etc. Our course structure has been built keeping in mind the necessity for students to be able to explore their skills and talents beyond their classrooms.

Creating Value System

Students go on to become the future leaders and game-changers of tomorrow. Likewise, it is mandatory for them to have a good set of values, high moral principles & ethics in life. This is the only way to make children good human beings who'll rule a changed and better society. We make it a point that we regularly conduct moral science classes, guest lectures, engaging recitation of moral stories, group activities, and much more to help students understand the concept better.


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