About ATH

As a way of providing students with the most accommodating learning environment, our counselling center, Any Time Help, has been established to provide the best counselling for every child during their studies. We have highly trained experts and counsellors who provide support for students for their mental welfare, while also providing the best nurturing and guidance for their careers amongst other areas. ATH at AVV is a helping hand, that walks with every child until the successful completion of their academic journey.

About ATH

Dr. Sheetal Dani
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Important Information

Expert in counselling, career guidance and clinical hypnotherapy for normal behaviour modifications and all kinds of psychosomatic diseases.

Ensuring mental welfare
Providing Career guidance
Platforms for student mentorship
All round expert assistance

Mrs. Kalpana Kshattriya Kahar
RCI Registered Psychologist
Psychotherapist, Counsellor.

She deals in following area:
Psychometric test
Developmental Quotient
Intellectual Quotient Social Quotient
Emotional Quotient
Learning Disability
Slow learners
Autism etc.
Child and Adolescent issues
Personality assessment
Aptitude, Career, Vocational assessment and guidance
Mental illness assessment and diagnosis
Behaviour modification
Remedial education
Career guidance

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