Secondary Education - Class 9-10


Student Expression


Technological Exposure


Student Wellness

What We Offer:

The secondary schooling curriculum involves acclimating students with more formal education. This section of the curriculum is to get students to actively participate in classroom discussions, projects, sharing ideas, putting forth opinions, and gaining insight into the workings of the world around them. It prepares students for the complexities of education while pursuing further studies in the future.

Emphasis is placed on academic subjects like Science, English, Mathematics, Social Science, etc to ensure that students are accustomed to the major topics of discussion in the academic world.

Areas of Emphasis

Thinking Of Higher Order

Secondary Education is the period of academic life when students reach maturity in their understanding of theoretical & practical concepts of learning. This gives rise to the possibility of inculcating high-level thinking abilities in them and we tend to do just that. Tapping into the advanced cognitive skills of students is just what we aim for.

Round-about Development

Overall development of students with reference to mental, physical, emotional, and academic growth is highly essential as it is the direct determinant of a successful and happy life. We like to make sure that our students are healthy and excel in all spheres of life. The focus here is to teach students interpersonal skills, work education, increase athletic/ sports activity, develop creative aptitude, awareness of society in general, etc.

Innovation Is The Key

Our secondary school education is inclined towards conceptual and innovative learning in order to get acquainted with academics as well as co-curricular. Our lively open-ended discussions in the classrooms pave way for interactive and opinionated citizens of tomorrow.

Creating A Path For Excellence

Innovative techniques for leaving and pursuing excellence.

Well equipped laboratories and learning through experiments.

Project based and Art Integrated learning.

Instilling right attitudes, values and vision.

Qualified and experienced teachers.

Striking out a balance between academic excellence and life skills.

Preparing students for the prescribed CBSE syllabus and evaluation system and collaborating with various institutions for competitive entrance examination.

Regular career guidance and counselling sessions.

Training and guiding students for various interschool competitions.

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