Secondary Stage (Classes 11-12)

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What We Offer:

Our senior secondary education characterises advanced learning, constant mentoring, regular guidance/ counselling sessions, doubt-solving, and prepping for further studies (college/university). This process helps students gain continuous comprehensive knowledge in their field of specialisation i.e. Science, Commerce & Humanities. The choice of the stream provides students with the opportunity to follow their passion, subjects of interest, etc. Extensive expert training and guidance is provided to the senior secondary students to ace their CBSE board examinations.

We offer three streams:

Humanities (Arts)



Commerce Order

Anand Vidya Vihar firmly believes that “GROWTH OF AN ECONOMY CANNOT BE IMAGINED WITHOUT COMMERCE” and hence our initiatives are to collaborate both corporate and academia for commerce students. Here development and enhancement in the personality of students take place to increase awareness regarding the business world, to improve communication skills and decision-making power by adding value to classroom learnings through various activities and competitions.


With the aim of developing marketing and managerial skills and furthering their impact on community development, our entrepreneurship students have been involved in a wide spectrum of activities.

The veggie garden where organic vegetables are grown  and the school The canteen where they learn planning, accounting, and managerial skills are exemplary tasks are undertaken by the students.

The students have also received recognition from other schools in making social projects like ‘ Seher’ and ‘ Farz’. Children possess hands-on experience of making prototypes of their projects too.

They have also taken the initiative of selling eco-friendly Ganpati during the pandemic following the covid protocols where they learnt new techniques of selling in a raw and real setting.



Humanities in Anand Vidya Vihar is dedicated to developing an overall community of learners by augmenting their skills, critical thinking, logical analysis, ethical; spiritual well-being along with cherishing creativity. These skills will benefit them to accomplish a successful career in an increasingly competitive world and also earn a reputation as responsible and excellent human beings in society.

It provides a multifaceted view of the world to the learners by focusing on creating the synergy between Political Science, Psychology, Economics, Literature, Arts, various skills, and knowledge systems. It also accentuates research, analytical approach, problem-solving aptitude, self-expression, and life-long learning.

  • The school and the stream aims at developing professionals with social sensitivity and ethical approaches to empower society globally.
  • The stream shapes the personality of learners with applied aspects of knowledge and skills to cater to the contemporary needs of society.
  • It encourages learners to develop an inquisitive attitude towards individual and social development. This is accomplished through updated syllabus, continuous internal assessment, practical work, workshops, guest lectures, fieldwork, field visits, assignments, various competitions including inter and intra events, Model United Nation, exhibitions and various teaching-learning methods.
  • In nutshell, a holistic approach is adopted to facilitate all round development of the Learners along with enabling environment for the students of HUMANITIES in ANAND VIDYA VIHAR.

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