Raising Leaders Of Tomorrow

Student Council is a representative body that is elected from the collective vote of either the students’ populace or the entire teaching fraternity. Our student council stands for the rights of students and aims to work for them during their elected tenure, making sure that the voices of the students are heard, their concerns are addressed, doubts are solved and feedback reaches the higher authorities. Student prefects act as regulators of discipline and justice on campus, making sure that the decorum of school is not compromised during recess time, morning assemblies, or other events that place at the school.

The council meets regularly, in the presence of one or more faculty members, to discuss the future of the school discipline measures or work upon the suggestions provided by their fellow students. The head boy and head girl are the student leaders and the face of the student council. They represent the values, integrity, and leadership qualities that the entire council stands for.

Values Promoted are Values Gained:

  1. Human Relations
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Decision Making
  4. Team Spirit
  5. Managing Crowds
  6. Building Confidence
  7. High Morals

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