The Ways Of AVV

The school has a well laid-out and disciplined approach towards uniform and dress code concepts on campus. We believe that all students must be dressed in school attire and look smart at all times. Disciplinary actions shall be taken when the code of conduct is broken in any manner. Adherence to the student dress code is mandatory unless the Principal designates a special day or occasion to promote school spirit and/or improve school climate.

  • Students can come dressed in casual clothing only on their birthdays or on days specified by the teachers.
  • With regular school uniform, students must wear black sports shoes (Action) (for both boys and girls).
  • Regular School Uniform to be worn on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday.
  • P.T uniform T-shirt and trouser (both boys and girls) is to be worn on Tuesday and Friday.
  • With P.T. uniform, students (boys & girls) must wear white sports shoes (Action).
  • School tie and blazer must be mandatorily worn during the Winter season (between 15th November to 15th February).
  • The shirt must be neatly tucked into the waistband of the skirt/pant with school belt visible.
  • Shoes must be polished, uniform properly ironed, and starched to ensure a crisp look at all times.
  • The skirt/pant must be worn on the waist and not below.
  • Socks should be neatly pulled up and visible (not tucked into the shoes).
  • Slips and vests are compulsory for girls/boys of all classes [summer as well as winter].
  • Cycling shorts to be worn under skirts.


Believing implicitly that parents and teachers are partners in the educational process, the school invites parents to interact with the school in the following ways :

  • Using the pupil's diary as a communication link
  • Attending Parent - Teacher Meetings which provide a venue for a better understanding of the child.
  • By attending school functions.
  • By meeting the Principal / Teachers whenever necessary.


  • Students are allowed to ride their bicycles safely to and from school but only with parents' consent (consent form to be filled).
  • ONLY students of Classes XI & XII with valid driving licences and consent from parents may be allowed to come to school on bikes. Wearing of helmet for such students is mandatory.


We follow a strict behavioral code when it comes to maintaining the decorum and discipline of school. The environment of our institution is relaxed enough for students to grow and follow their creative as well as innovative pursuits without compromising with the code of conduct present at the school.

  • Students must keep their nails trimmed and clean.
  • No religious symbols are to be visibly worn.
  • Extreme hairstyles in terms of colour or cut are not permitted.
  • No gifts / return gifts to be exchanged in the school. As a part of the birthday celebration, the family may visit the school with a sapling which may be planted in the school compound.
  • Coloured lenses are not permitted.
  • Applying Kohl (Kaajal) on eyes is strictly disallowed.
  • Girls with long hair must plait it and tie simple black rubber bands. Girls with
  • short hair must pin back hair neatly with simple black hairpins.
  • No jewellery or ornaments (other than one pair of small earrings) are permitted to be worn in school.
  • Special permission to be acquired for applying henna on the hands.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed and may result in detention.
  • No outside food or beverages are allowed on the school campus.
  • Gadgets like cellular phones or cameras are not allowed. These will be permanently confiscated if found in possession anytime.

School Timings

7.45am - 2.00pm (Monday - Saturday)

Grade 1 & 2 all Saturday holiday

Grade 3 to 12 -1 st and 3rd Saturday holiday

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